About Jenni.me


Jenni.me is a showcase of some of the projects and work I’ve done over the past few years. I’ve tried to organise it so there’s a fairly good representation of different styles across a range of media. In most cases, the overall style and finished result are as a result of the requirements of the brand or client involved. Most of my design work is personal rather than commercial, and those pieces are heavily influenced by my own perceptions and the influence of music rather than visual inspiration.

Visuals & Code

Jenni.me is powered by WordPress and runs a heavily modified version of the iconic Twenty Ten theme. All the design work was done by me using Adobe Photoshop, and all the code modifications in Notepad (because sometimes I like to be old school and pretend it’s 2001).

All fonts are courtesy of the increasingly fabulous Google Font Directory, and Jenni.me is best viewed in a modern browser because it utilises various HTML5 and CSS3 properties.


In 2010, Jenni.me was left to drop by the previous owner and I picked it up via a GoDaddy auction. I transferred the domain name out and handcoded a template before realising that WordPress would make everything a lot easier to manage, even though it’s a small site. Planning, writing, designing and pulling together the content took place in short bursts of free time over the following months, and Jenni.me finally went live on 3rd October 2011.


In case you were wondering, Jenni.me isn’t optimised for any particular keywords and I don’t build anything other than natural links to the site. There are no hidden industry secrets here!

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