Content Packages

Articles, blog posts, product descriptions, editorial pieces and more are available, all of which are optimised for search engines. All content is written using proper British English (unless you request otherwise) and includes calls to action and marketing messages as required.

I have an honours degree in English and I’ve been writing for the web for ten years (including five years of commercial work). You can view samples of my writing here.

A minimum of 500 words is recommended for SEO articles. Please supply any keywords you want to target and any formatting requirements (including images and image positioning) if required. Discounts are available if you’re looking to purchase articles in bulk, but be aware that I’m only one person and quality writing takes time!

  • 1 piece, no research required (e.g. opinion, common sense) – £20 per 500 words.
  • 1 piece, some research required (e.g. travel, food) – £24 per 500 words.
  • 1 piece, in-depth research required (e.g. statistics based, specialist subject based) – £35 per 500 words.

If you’re not sure which area your content falls into, just drop me an email.

Content Editing

Editing and proof reading of existing content that you hold the copyright for. Services include:

  • General proof reading (spelling/grammar/readability/sense review) and marked corrections – £10 per 500 words.
  • Optimising an article for SEO – £15 per 500 words.
  • Lengthening an article – £4 per 100 words.
  • Making an article shorter – £3 per 100 words.
  • Dividing content up, e.g. into chapters/a series of articles or posts – cost depends on quantity.
  • Modernising (e.g. making a software article from 2001 relevant to the present day) – £15 per 500 words.
  • Rewriting an existing article (e.g. to avoid duplicate content penalties) – £15 per 500 words.

Discounts are available for bulk editing (even where different types are required), and multiple types of editing for one article.

The Next Step

Once you’ve had a think about what you’d like, get in touch.

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