Ideas & Projects

I’ve worked on various web projects and ideas over the past ten years, including a web magazine, a project for learning English as a second language and an active forum.

Key projects and ideas include:

Twitter Plugboard

There are plenty of ways to get more Twitter followers, but not many that are free and without registration. The Twitter plugboard allows you to add a link to your Twitter profile to get your name out there. The benefit over a directory is that all the links are on one page and there are far fewer to look through. More people add their links, your button will eventually get pushed off the board and then you can resubmit. The plugboard shows the power of social media; with a single tweet from me and no other promotion, it’s amassed over 4,000 retweets to date and continues to increase in popularity.

I came up with the idea and design, and the code is a tweaked team effort with Joseph Tansley.

360 Name Finder

The 360 Name Finder allows you to search for unregistered domain names and social media names at the same time, which is great for making sure your brand is protected or to check availability when you’re at the stage of setting up a business. The tool reached the finals of the 2011 Nottingham Business Awards.

The idea was mine, but it wouldn’t exist without the beautiful execution by the Heart Internet designer and developer teams. There’s also a mobile version accessible from smartphones.

Heart Internet Website of the Month Contest

Site of the month contests have been around a long time, but I thought it was a great way for a web hosting company to showcase and promote their customers’ websites. The aim was to have user-friendly voting via a stars system, easy social media sharing, and separate nomination and live contest pages, making it unlike the other contests out there. There is also an integrated system to check for abusive voting.

Many of the entrants are small UK businesses that don’t have the time or budget for marketing promotions, so this is a great way to help them get some exposure. Site of the month winners are also interviewed on the Heart Internet blog to offer an insight into their business and tips for others.

The idea was to build on the existing WOTM concept and make it more interesting, visual and user-friendly. I managed the project from start to finish, and again the coding and design was done by Heart Internet designers and developers.

A promotional website of genuine reviews including a Twitter feed with what people are saying about Heart Internet. This is also a brand protection exercise in part due to sites scraping content and actively trying to gain customers by appearing in search results for specific Heart Internet branded terms. It has also proven useful for Twitter users looking for web host recommendations. The site concept has been replicated by both Fasthosts and 123-Reg.

I project managed the site from concept to completion, including coming up with the original idea and managing/defining the content, structure and design briefs. The coding and design was done by Heart Internet designers.

Zombie Hunt

This was a Halloween-themed contest consisting of a three-part story filled with pop culture and geek references. Every day participants were encouraged take on the role of a zombie hunter, reading each installment and then tracking down the zombies hidden across the website accordingly.

I came up with the idea, wrote the story, and briefed the design work. From start to finish the project took about a week and a half in total.

Text Effects

Text Effects is an article website covering everything from HTML and CSS markup to jQuery, fonts and inspirational examples of typography. I designed the website and write the content, and the theme was coded by Joseph Tansley. It is currently a work in progress with new articles being added all the time.

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